Holy Flickr Batman!

Sorry for the cheesy title, but being that I was amazed by what I found and the new movie just coming out, I couldn’t resist. So I was searching for sites that help users use Flickr (go to the bottom of this post if this is what you are looking for) when I ran across a blog of someone who found some neat things to do with Flickr. In my first post about Flickr I talked about how Flickr could be used so others can see photos and how a teacher could post photographs taken by students on a class blog so students all over the world could see photos. While this is nice, it was not without its limitations and while I didn’t include it in my post, I was left wanting to be wowed. Well here is the “wow” factor you can get with a Flickr account.


Using Big Huge Labs you can access your Flickr photos and use them to create magazine covers, ID badges, trading cards, and even jigsaw puzzles. Students do not need to have accounts on Big Huge Labs or a Flickr account either. If the teacher sets up a class Flickr account then all students can access those photos and use them to create their own projects. Then students could upload their magazine cover to the Flickr accound or print. 4th graders at Fulton visit St. Mary’s City every year to see what life was like in colonial Maryland. Imagine if they had to make a magazine cover for a magazine based in Colonial Maryland with photographs they took while visiting St. Mary’s City. This is just one idea. When you look at all the options you have with Big Huge Labs, there is so much you can do. When looking at another site, I also found that there are several sites like Big Huge Labs which you can use your Flickr account to make things. Here are the sites I ran across.



Now back to the reason I first started my search-a how to use Flickr site. Here is a great site which covers most of the options Flickr has to offer and how to use them.


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I am a Technology Teacher at Fulton Elementary and Clemens Crossing Elementary in Howard County, Maryland. I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park and am currently attending graduate school at Loyola College. I am married and have a beautiful daughter.

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  1. Hey Brandon,

    As you know i am one of those teachers who teach 4th graders at Fulton. I think Flickr would be an awesome tool to use for an activity/ies for our students when they visit St. Mary’s city. thanks for informing me about this buddy.

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